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Finding Motivation to Exercise


Struggling to get out the door for your afternoon walk? Or finding an extra hour of sleep more appealing than your morning stroll?

Despite being well aware of the benefits of exercise, and knowing how great you will feel after exercising; you may find yourself struggling with motivation.

Getting Started with Exercise

Motivation usually stems from a combination factors; both internal and external but you may still struggle to actually do it. Writing a list of the factors that currently work for or against you exercising is a good start.

Exercise with Other People

There is nothing like the commitment of knowing that someone is waiting for you. Walking groups or cycling bunch rides are also a great way to meet people; and, as your fitness improves, group sessions offer a challenge other people who have greater fitness will spur you on!

Listen to Music

Listening to music helps to keep you motivated during exercise, inevitably resulting in longer, more enjoyable sessions. If music isn’t your thing, try listening to books on CD.

Try a Different Form of Exercise

There are many forms of fat burning aerobic activity, walking, cycling, stair climbing, aqua aerobics, water running, swimming or even dancing - anything that keeps your heart rate in your fat burning zone for 40-60 minutes.

Enter organised events

You don't have to be a serious runner or athlete to enter races; most have 'walker' divisions which are a great start! Rather than continuing with the same old routine, aim to do something different to sustain interest and give yourself a goal to work towards.

Schedule Exercise

If you have a calendar or diary with a list of 'things to do' in your day; make sure your physical activity is a part of that list. If you want to get something done, do it early in the day: later in the day other tasks and responsibilities start accumulating and it can be difficult to fit exercise in.

Just Do It!

Sometimes you just need to get out there and do it.