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Diet Plate

The Diet Plate offers an easy way to make sure you get a healthy balanced diet and eat the right amount of food for weight loss.

The Diet Plate is split into sections measured to help you control portion sizes, that will aid weight loss or weight maintenance, depending on which plate you choose. The Diet Plate's portion sizes are based on healthy eating guidelines to ensure a well balanced diet, and comes with a handy all round guide and a success chart to plot your progress.

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The Diet Plate can be used for any meal making portion control easy, from pasta and sauces to a roast dinner. Even a chunk of cheese has its own portion size illustration. The plate takes all the guesswork out of calorie counting while helping you to achieve a healthy balanced diet.

There are male and female versions of The Diet Plate available, alongside a portion control breakfast bowl and a weight maintenance plate. A beautifully illustrated Diet Plate is also available for children. The plates are crafted in earthenware by Royal Stafford, and are dishwasher and microwave safe.