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Meal Replacements for Long Term Weight Loss

Meal replacements are designed to assist in controlling calorie intake, essential for weight loss.

There are many different meal replacements available from supermarkets, chemists, mail order companies and health food stores. Not all of these are nutritionally balanced and harmful if used incorrectly. Nearly all are sold without any professional advice or supervision which leaves you to work out your own treatment plan, adding to the increased chance of failure.

However the right meal replacement, used with professional supervision can be a great short term weight loss tool.  For your weight loss to be sustained in the long term, it is important to transition onto 'normal' food gradually and achieve permanent lifestyle changes. The benefits of using a nutritionally balanced meal replacement under supervision include that they:

Meal replacements are great for promoting weight loss, but they are not a long term solution. That is why when you reach your target weight, you should be transition onto a balanced, healthy diet to maintain a healthy weight for life. Some people find it helpful to include some meal replacements as part of their long term weight management regime.

Taken in conjunction with the appetite suppressant medication to stop that 'hungry' feeling the combination can really break through that barrier and help you achieve your weight goals.