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How much and how fast?

The aim of weight management is to prevent or reduce the health consequences of obesity. Even a weight loss of 5-1 0% reduces significantly the health risks associated with obesity.

For a person weighing 15 stone the weight loss would have to be between 10 pounds to 18 pounds. Some people may lose greater amounts of weight but maintaining the new lower weight may be more difficult.

The goal is to achieve modest weight loss, and then the target weight needs to be maintained.

Weight needs to be lost slowly  (2 -3 pounds per week) in order that the weight loss is maintained.

Weight loss is initiated with a combination of a diet, exercise and a change in lifestyle. New Leaf Healthcare’s services will help you achieve these changes, they are not a substitute.

Very frequently weight that has been lost will soon be put back on. This is extremely common as people fall back into old habits. It must be realised that once the weight is lost, maintenance of the new body weight will require a change in lifestyle.

Dietary changes need to be supervised by an experienced and fully qualified professional who will also advise on behavioural changes and an exercise programme.

Exercise does not have to be too strenuous; it doesn’t have to mean joining a gym. Brisk walking for 20 minute each day for five days of the week will help you reduce weight, walking up the stairs, etc are small changes that will help you lose and maintain the new weight.